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I'm Back (almost)

Hey, hi, hello

It's literally criminal how I've neglected this blog, but it hasn't been my choice to do so. I've gotten an influx of new subscribers over the past few months (hi, everyone), and I figured I should update you all so that you don't wonder why you bothered subscribing here in the first place. Technically, I've been drafting a post for a long time now. It started out detailing the past three months of my life at that point, how much of a whirlwind time I was having adjusting to all the changes and misfortunes my family was in the midst of. Then it turned into a post about the past six months, detailing how much I'd been put through by family members and how it was affecting my ability to write. Six months turned into nine months of chaos. Then a year.

Now, coming up on a year and a half since my nightmare began, I'm on the other side of hell, unburned, unbothered, and ready to be active again. I've got an amazing story to tell, but I'm currently working on a New Adult novel, and my goal is to turn it in to my agent by the end of this month. After I finish writing, I'm going to start spilling.

Thank you for sticking around, and I apologize for taking so long just to check in.

Don't worry, I'm back. (Almost.)


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