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No, I'm not on hiatus again...

...and this post proves it. So, I'm a huge procrastinator. When I've got an intimidating project hanging over my head, I will run away from it instead of tackling it... even a project I'm excited about! Case in point: the blog post I'm going to finally publish on Monday. According to the draft date, I started writing that post THREE WEEKS AGO. I was so focused on making it look and sound good and obsessing over the details, not wanting to leave anything out, that I became paralyzed. I stayed away from the whole thing for about a week before saying, "Screw it" and cobbling the end together over these past two days. However, it is done.

As I breathe this sigh of relief, happy to finally be let off the hook, I wonder why I'm like this. The root, I'm realizing, has to be in my perfectionist tendencies. Yes, I've called myself "Type B to a fault" in a past post, and yes, I consider myself laid-back, but this is a writing blog. I want the writing to look good, because if it doesn't, my credibility goes out the door. Plus, when it comes to what I consider "my craft," I don't want to deliver something that is just slapped onto a page; that's how I get stuff done, but that's definitely not what I'm comfortable presenting as an end result.

At any rate, I've finally broken past this wall of paralyzing inactivity and will produce two blog posts next week. Fingers crossed I'll get my mojo back and we can move forward at lightning speed from here!

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