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Hiatus discontinued

...not that I ever announced a hiatus in the first place. Riding the success of finally getting a book published and trying to promote said book has kept me a little busy since August 2018. Unfortunately, my poor blog has suffered. And how do you maintain a blog when you're writing to no one, anyway? And what do you write about when you only have one book by a small publisher under your belt? I'm still very much an unknown in the publishing world, but am using this time to refocus my efforts into building a full-time writing career.

In other words, I still have no idea what I'm doing. We're all living in uncertain times right now; COVID-19 has hit the world hard, and we're all so nervous and confused, unsure of when the sickness will die down. Many of us are out of work. As a library assistant in a public facility, my job is "essential" (I use that term loosely, since we're currently closed to the public). I'm writing this blog post -- my first in over a year -- at my desk. Thankfully, with the world on hold, I have time for this now. Also, people are reading more than ever, and are still using the library. Perfect time to try to get my book exposed to a larger audience.

2019 was a lovely year. I went to Ireland, a literal dream trip since I was in college. I saw and did things I've always dreamed of (and gathered much first-hand research for a future novel set in the country -- score!)

Before my life got super hectic again this year, I spent much time planning my next steps for taking We Are Eternal to the next level. My YA novel has been well-received by pretty much everyone who's read it, but not many outside my circle have read it. Aiming for a larger audience for my work is the goal for 2020. I haven't had the best year so far, with the exception of a very big, sweet event in February. Let's hope the end of this year proves more positive than the beginning. At the 2-year mark from the day my first novel was published, the goal is to have the opportunity to present it to the world outside this small town I live in. I've got 3 months -- I guess I'd better gear up.

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