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Line Editing

I'll check the style, clarity, and effectiveness of your manuscript's language, line by line, from pacing to flow to dialogue. $.007/wd.

Query Letter Critique

I'll evaluate your query letter for correct format, an effective hook, proper spelling and grammar, and overall success. $25.

Copy Editing

I'll evaluate the consistency of your manuscript, including style, grammar, and spelling. $.007/wd.

Submission Package Critique

I'll evaluate your manuscript's query letter and synopsis for correct format, proper spelling and grammar, conciseness, and overall effectiveness. $40. May be added to any other service.


This service evaluates errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation only. Not a substitution for copy editing. $.003/wd. May be added to any other service.

Developmental Editing

This is a detailed, deep look over your entire manuscript, making sure grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability, continuity, flow, and style are at the highest quality manageable. $.012/wd.

Orellana Editorial


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